_Solar Matrix

Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus
Public Art
Mountain View, CA
14' x 36' x 20'

Public art award for the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus constructed of concrete, pyrex glass, dichroic glass, stainless steel, and water. 362 pyrex glass rods, each capped with a dichroic glass lens, penetrate a 15″ thick concrete wall. Water cascades from the top of the wall over the glass rods creating a meditative field of rumbling water. As the sun tracks across the sky, a color shift from yellow to aqua blue occurs at the ends of the glass rods. The hour of this transformation changes throughout the year.

Selected for the permanent Library Collection at the Corning Museum of Glass –  https://www.cmog.org/library/solar-matrix-slide?search=new_glass_review_search%3Afd150f0a9c45d81bfe3a1f728c40c0f4&page=79

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