November 20, 2010

2010 AIASF Merit Award

Perkins and Will Architects in San Francisco received an AIASF Merit Award in architecture for the design of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music building. Due to its location within the civic center, the school was required to include public art in the project. Working with Kathy Simon, John Long and Liza Pannozzo of Perkins and Will (SMWM at the time), Studio Winterich collaborated on the design of the school’s facade at the new addition. The public art portion of the facade is a series of refractive glass fins which transmit and reflect colored light across the building and within the classrooms of the music school. Titled “Exultadagio”, the building facade slowly changes color as the sun tracks across the sky. At times the color shifts are quite subtle and at other times, they are very exuberant displays of electric blue and yellow.


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