Oakville Ranch Vineyards

Napa, CA
12'-3" x 18" x 18"

The Oakville Ranch Vineyards is located in Napa Valley and is renowned for its premium wines. In the decades since Robert and Mary Miner bought the 350-acre property, the winery has become an exemplary practitioner of biodiverse organic farming in the region.

Of equal significance to the wine of Napa Valley is the collection of world-class art found within the local wineries and museums. Oakville Ranch greets visitors with “Mother and Child,” a beautiful Henry Moore bronze sculpture located at the winery building entrance.

Just past the front gate to the winery and next to a 19th-century greenhouse, visitors are greeted by an obelisk-like sculpture named “Stand.” The bronze and glass structure is almost invisible amongst the adjacent redwood trees until one approaches the piece and notices the play of yellow and blue light across the sculpture.

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